GodSpeak – Matthew 8:18-34 – May 27-June 1

Disciple (n./v.): The Gospel of Matthew
Matthew 8:18-34

Following Jesus requires sacrifice, risk, trust and perseverance.
But our work is nothing compared to Jesus and his power to work his will through us.
Even the demons acknowledge that.

Monday, May 27
Read Matthew 8:18-27. What is the cost of following Jesus? What was the cost of the disciples following Jesus into the boat? What was the ultimate result? Can you relate?

Tuesday, May 28
Read Matthew 8:28-34. Unexpected truths are cute when they come from children. Not so much when they come from demon-possessed tomb-dwellers! What truth do the demons tell us? How does Jesus foreshadow another truth?

Wednesday, May 29
After reviewing Matthew 8:18-34, read 2 Corinthians 6. How does Paul describe the cost of following Jesus? Do you experience any of these things? How can we encourage each other to persevere behind Jesus, regardless of the cost?

Thursday, May 30
After reviewing Matthew 8:18-34, read Psalm 65. Jesus displayed tremendous power and authority when he stilled the wind and waves. Now, pray Psalm 65, don’t just read it. Pray it. Open your heart to acknowledge Jesus as the all-powerful creator and provider of everything.

Friday, May 31
After reviewing Matthew 8:18-34, read Revelation 12. How did the devil’s angels (demons) arrive on the earth? Who defeats the dragon? Where are we in this story?

Saturday, June 1
After reviewing Matthew 8:18-34, read Mark 1:21-28. We met this demon last week in preparation for Jesus’ visit to Peter’s house. The demons know a lot about Jesus, yet they oppose him. Is following Jesus all about knowledge? If not, what is it about?

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