GodSpeak – Matthew 9:18-38 – June 10-15

Disciple (n./v.): The Gospel of Matthew
Matthew 9:18-38

“My daughter has died.” “If I only touch his cloak” “Do you believe I am able to do this?” “The harvest is plentiful but the workers are few.” “Ask.”

Monday, June 10
Read Matthew 9:18-34. Consider the faith of the people healed by Jesus is this passage. Jesus connected their healing to their faith. What is the connection between our faith and the work of God in our lives?

Tuesday, June 11
Read Matthew 9:35-38. What is the “harvest?” Who are the “workers?” Why do we care? What do we ask the Lord of the harvest if we consider ourselves a worker?

Wednesday, June 12
After reviewing Matthew 9:18-38, read John 11. Jesus is again met with skepticism at the scene of a loved one’s death. We believe we will be raised again as Jesus says in verse 25-26. What are people’s reactions to your faith in a resurrection? Do they even know?

Thursday, June 13
After reviewing Matthew 9:18-38, read Numbers 15:37-41. The unclean woman likely touched a tassel on Jesus’ cloak. What are the tassels to represent? What is the possible symbolical significance of this event?

Friday, June 14
After reviewing Matthew 9:18-38, read John 9. In this story, physical and spiritual blindness interplay throughout. Why is it so important for us to claim our spiritual blindness?

Saturday, June 15
After reviewing Matthew 9:18-38, read John 4:31-38. “One sows and another reaps.” In a do-it-yourself society, we are tempted to own a process from start to finish. Is that how the “harvest” works? How does it really work?

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