GodSpeak – Membership: Body of Christ – September 8-13

Heart of Membership
Membership: Body of Christ

Membership in the Body of Christ is more than just a loose association. We are united. We need each other. We are brothers. We are sisters. Jesus leads, we follow… together.
Daily Prayer: Jesus, give us unity to work together as your body.

Monday, September 8
Read Acts 2:42-47. What did the first Christians devote themselves to? What do we devote ourselves to? Do they match up? What would the church look like today if we devoted ourselves to the same things? How would it look the same? Different?

Tuesday, September 9
Read Acts 6:1-7. What was the problem that the early church faced? How did they solve that problem? Did the twelve aspire to a higher position or just a different one? Why is that distinction so important?

Wednesday, September 10
Read 1 Corinthians 12. The word “member” has become rather trite in our day. Some church people want to throw the word away. How does Paul use the word “member?” What part of the body are you? Who do you depend upon to do your role? Who depends on you?

Thursday, September 11
Read Ephesians 4. Paul speaks of 5 different roles within the church: apostles (sent ones), prophets (truth tellers), evangelists (recruiters), shepherds (nurturers) and teachers (communicators). What happens when one or more of these are not present in the body? Which one are you? Think of your church. Who falls into these roles in your church?

Friday, September 12
Read Romans 12. Paul encourages us not to think more highly of ourselves than we ought. Why is humility essential to function as members of the body of Christ? Imagine a community where we all strove to live according to what Paul says in verses 9-21.

Saturday, September 13
Read Matthew 23:1-12. Why shouldn’t we be called “rabbi” or “Father” or “teacher?” Is it wrong to teach? Is it wrong to be father figure? What is Jesus getting at?

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