GodSpeak – Philippians 1 – June 9-14

Reading Paul, Hearing Jesus (GEPC)
Philippians 1

Paul’s close friends in Philipi have been faithful colleagues in the Gospel. Paul’s heartfelt letter to them begins with his prayer and continues with an inspiring personal insight in the work God is doing through his imprisonment.

Monday, June 9
Read Philippians 1:1-11. Paul prays for the church’s “good works” to be brought to “completion at the day of Jesus Christ.” What’s incomplete about our “good works” now? What do our completed “good works” look like? How do we know they will be “completed?”

Tuesday, June 10
Read Philippians 1:12-30. Why is Paul internally conflicted? How are both choices appealing? What does it mean when Paul says, “To live is Christ?” Is your life “Christ?”

Wednesday, June 11
After reviewing Philippians 1, read 1 Timothy 3. Paul’s letter to the Philippian churches is also addressed to the “overseers and deacons.” Who were these “overseers and deacons?”

Thursday, June 12
After reviewing Philippians 1, read Psalm 138. Given Paul’s first chapter to the Philippian churches, how could he pray Psalm 138 in a new and special way? How do your life experiences allow you new and special ways to pray Psalm 138?

Friday, June 13
After reviewing Philippians 1, read Luke 21:1-19. Paul’s imprisonment and persecution has led to a number of positive things. What does Jesus encourage us to do when we face opposition for being His disciples?

Saturday, June 14
After reviewing Philippians 1, read Luke 12:1-12. Is Paul afraid to die? What is Paul’s attitude about life and death? What does Jesus have to say about death? Who should we fear? Why are we so often afraid of what others will think of us?

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