GodSpeak – Philippians 3 – June 30-July 5

Reading Paul, Hearing Jesus (GEPC)
Philippians 3

Paul confesses his pride and calls it trash. He takes no credit for his salvation. Yet, he encourages them to imitate him and others like him. Why? We follow Jesus together.

Monday, June 30
Read Philippians 3:1-11. How does Paul feel about his previous stature and accomplishments in Judaism? What else has Paul lost for the sake of Christ? What have you lost for the sake of Christ? What are you hanging on to that you should give up for the sake of Christ?

Tuesday, July 1
Read Philippians 3:12-21. According to Paul, what do the “mature” Christians realize? Why does Paul want the people to imitate him? Who was Paul imitating? Do you live a life that you would encourage others to imitate?

Wednesday, July 2
After reviewing Philippians 3, read Matthew 23. Jesus calls us to humility by exposing the prideful deeds of the Pharisees. Which of these hit close to home for you? Jockeying for position? Material possessions? Power and authority? All of the above? Repent.

Thursday, July 3
After reviewing Philippians 3, read Matthew 16. Did Peter really take to heart what Jesus taught about “the leaven of the Pharisees?” God works big things out of the measly fish and loaves of our lives. Is your mind oriented toward earthly things, or heavenly things?

Friday, July 4
After reviewing Philippians 3, read Luke 9:57-62. Discipleship has a cost. Recall from Monday what you said it cost Paul to be a disciple of Jesus. What kind of faith does it take to follow like this? Where does it come from?

Saturday, July 5
After reviewing Philippians 3, read John 13:1-20. Jesus says that whoever receives the ones he sends receives him. How does that relate to Paul encouraging the Philippians to imitate him? Do the people who “receive” you know they’re receiving Jesus? Should they know?

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