Psalm 37 (GodSpeak Readings Jul 6-11)

Psinging through Psummer
Psalm 37

It seems like a daily occurrence that those who oppose truth gain acceptance in the world around us.  It just feels right to fret, to panic and to retreat in times like these.  David disagrees.
Daily Prayer: Lord, give us courage to stand for what is true, trusting in you for all things and loving those who disagree with us.  Amen.

Monday, July 6
Read Psalm 37Put yourself in the position of David as he writes this song.  Why is he singing?  What’s going on around him?  What is the overall message of his song?  How is David’s song also your song?

Tuesday, July 7
Read Psalm 37: 1-11.  What makes us “fret” as Christians today?  How might those same things make us envious?  What is the ultimate end for the “evildoers?”  What is our disposition toward the evil then? For more, see 1 Peter 5:1-11.

Wednesday, July 8
Read Psalm 37:12-20Why would God “laugh” at the plots of the wicked?  What does He know that they don’t?  (vs. 15, 17, 20)  How do you practice what David says in verse 16?  For more, see Philippians 4:10-13.    

Thursday, July 9
Read Psalm 37:21-31Why is it so significant that the righteous people are “generous,” “giving,” and “lending?”  What is different about people who do those kinds of things as opposed to the wicked?  For more, see Luke 6:12-36.

Friday, July 10
Read Psalm 37:32-40The final verses sing of salvation.  Take a look at these verses again and look for ways in which we can see Jesus through these words.  For more, see Ephesians 2:1-10.

Saturday, July 11
Pray Psalm 37Through the centuries God’s people have not only sung the Psalms, but prayed them.  Take a quiet moment and slowly turn these words of David into your own sincere prayer to God.

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