Psalm 42 (GodSpeak Readings Aug 10-15)

Psinging through Psummer
Psalm 42

We all know what it’s like to want something. This psalm is about someone who wants God.  Even though it feels like God is far away, day or night, he’s always there.
Daily Prayer: Lord, give me confidence in your presence even when faith in you is unpopular.  Amen.

Monday, August 10
Read Psalm 42This is a psalm of intense longing.  What is the psalmist’s desire?  What do we know about the psalmist’s situation? How can you relate to the psalmist’s words?  What do you have trouble relating to?  Why?

Tuesday, August 11
After reviewing Psalm 42, read Job 19:23-29Job is also longing for something.  What is Job’s desire?  How is Job’s desire the same or different from the psalmist?  What kind of faith does it take to long for what Job wants?

Wednesday, August 12
After reviewing Psalm 42, read Matthew 27:32-44Those who crucified Jesus mocked him with many of the same kinds of insults the psalmist sings about.  Where is our God?  Does God abandon us when things aren’t going the way we would like?  When have you felt like God abandoned you?  How did that feel?  Was it true?

Thursday, August 13
After reviewing Psalm 42, read Psalm 122.   What was it about the “house of God” that was so delightful?  Do we feel the same way about our worship?  How would we react if we had no ability to worship God together with other believers?

Friday, August 14
After reviewing Psalm 42, read Lamentations 3The book was written to express the loss that God’s people felt over the destruction of Jerusalem by Babylon.  What is the hope expressed in this chapter?  What do you cling to in times of distress?  Where is your hope?

Saturday, August 15
After reviewing Psalm 42, read Romans 8:28-39The psalmist knows that God is with him day and night.  Paul expresses the same thing in this passage from Romans.  Pray today that God will give you confidence in his presence no matter what the circumstances may be.

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