Psalm 19 (GodSpeak Readings Aug 17-22)

Psinging through Psummer
Psalm 19

God’s truth and goodness are all around us.  Sun up and sun down, he displays the majesty of his created order.  The beauty of God’s design is astounding, better than anything we can produce.  Bask in it. 

Daily Prayer: Lord, bring me to love what you have created, the way you created it, and teach me to follow your beautiful ways.

Monday, August 17
Read Psalm 19What is the relationship between the law of God and the heavens declaring His glory?  Why is God’s law so valuable?  What attitude should we have in light of the majestic heavens and the perfect law of God?

Tuesday, August 18
After reviewing Psalm 19, read Isaiah 40:1-26.  God is the source of all things good.  How is that to be a “comfort” to the people?  How does it comfort you that every good thing comes from God?  How could the good creation be a bridge for  sharing your faith with someone?    

Wednesday, August 19
After reviewing Psalm 19, read Malachi 4.  Psalm 19 and Malachi 4 compares the goodness of God to the sun.  What is it about the sun that reminds us of the beauty of God?  What was your reaction to seeing the first light of the sun today?  How might that be different if you associated the light of the sun to the beauty of God’s goodness?

Thursday, August 20
After reviewing Psalm 19, read Psalm 23In Psalm 19 David says the law revives his soul.  We don’t usually associate rules and laws with being fulfilled or restored.  How does Psalm 23 help us to see a better  picture of what David means by the law?

Friday, August 21
After reviewing Psalm 19, read Proverbs 8:1-17.  Like every age, our world loves money and everything that comes along with it.  David says that God’s law is better than riches.  Solomon says the same about wisdom.  What makes this wisdom so valuable?  What’s it worth to you?

Saturday, August 22
After reviewing Psalm 19, read 1 Peter 1:13-25Compare the earnestness of David’s love of the law to Peter’s encouragement to the believers to live holy lives.  The fundamentals of God’s goodness hasn’t changed.  How does Jesus give us the ability to see this good way again?  What are the challenges that you face living according to God’s truth?


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