Psalm 23 (GodSpeak Readings Aug 24-29)

Psinging through Psummer
Psalm 23

It’s the most famous psalm in the Bible.  Many have memorized it and held the words close in times of joy and trouble.  But why?  What makes this psalm so universally loved?  Find out for yourself.
Daily Prayer: Lord, help us to see you as our shepherd in times of joy and trouble.  Amen.

Monday, August 24
Read Psalm 23Take this whole psalm from the perspective of a sheep.  What does your shepherd do for you?  Translate that into your life today.  What similar things does God, your shepherd, do for you?

Tuesday, August 25
After reviewing Psalm 23, read Ezekiel 34Who were the “shepherds of Israel?”  What were they doing/not doing?  What is God going to do about it?  How is that a comfort for you in this crazy world we live in?

Wednesday, August 26
After reviewing Psalm 23, read John 10How does Jesus fit the role of a shepherd for us?  What does it say about the shepherd that he is willing to “lay down his life for the sheep?”

Thursday, August 27
After reviewing Psalm 23, read Matthew 7:12-20Imagine being a sheep, led by your shepherd through a narrow passage one by one.  The path of righteousness is the narrow way behind Jesus.  What makes the narrow way hard?  What makes it worth it?

Friday, August 28
After reviewing Psalm 23, read Isaiah 43The shadowy narrow passages Israel would also be filled with danger from predators.  Describe a time when following Jesus felt like he was leading you into danger.  What is your comfort in those times?  (Matthew 28:20b)

Saturday, August 29
After reviewing Psalm 23, read Matthew 5:38-48.  Imagine being a sheep in an open field with hills on all sides, in plain view of the wolves (Psalm 23:5).  It’s one thing to trust that God will protect us as we eat in the presence of the enemy.  It’s quite another to love your enemy.   How do we overcome our fear to turn it into love?

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