GodSpeak Readings: Week 57/October 11-16

October 11-16
Isaiah 53-Jeremiah 2

GodSpeak readings for each day are listed below. Click the link to read the section and/or listen online. A discussion question is listed below for you to use in your GodSpeak group session or for discussion with others who are reading along.

Monday, October 11 Isaiah 53 Read & Listen Online   (Click “Audio” link to listen)
1. Isaiah 53 includes the beautiful and moving account of our Lord‘s suffering and death. Verse 10 even references us. Explain.

Tuesday, October 12 Isaiah 54-57 Read & Listen Online   (Click “Audio” link to listen)
2. See Isaiah 54:10-13, especially 13. What promise does our God of unfailing love give for the offspring who are taught to know the one true God?

Wednesday, October 13 Isaiah 58-59  Read & Listen Online   (Click “Audio” link to listen)
3. Explain God‘s almighty power and will to save us as expressed in Isaiah 59:1.

Thursday, October 14 Isaiah 60-62 Read & Listen Online   (Click “Audio” link to listen)
4. According to Jesus what connection exists between the Light of the world shining upon the nations (Isaiah 60:3) and the coming of the end (Matthew 24:14)?

Friday, October 15 Isaiah 63-66 Read & Listen Online   (Click “Audio” link to listen)
5. Review Isaiah 66:10-13. Reflect upon God‘s grace and goodness in your life. What kindnesses of the Lord come to mind that you might share with someone today?

Saturday, October 16 Jeremiah 1-2 Read & Listen Online   (Click “Audio” link to listen)
6. Apply God‘s promise to Jeremiah recorded in Jeremiah 1:19 to yourself as a child of God through faith in Christ Jesus.

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