GodSpeak Readings: Week 59/October 25-30

October 25-30
Jeremiah 15-28

GodSpeak readings for each day are listed below. Click the link to read the section and/or listen online. A discussion question is listed below for you to use in your GodSpeak group session or for discussion with others who are reading along.

Monday, October 25 Jeremiah 15-17  Read & Listen Online   (Click “Audio” link to listen)
1. Compare the person who trusts in human strength and turns away from the LORD (Jeremiah 17:5-6) with the one who trusts in the LORD (Jeremiah 17:7-8).

Tuesday, October 26 Jeremiah 18-19  Read & Listen Online   (Click “Audio” link to listen)
2. Explain the response of the people in Jeremiah 18:12 to God‘s plan of judgment (Jeremiah 18:11).

Wednesday, October 27 Jeremiah 20-22  Read & Listen Online   (Click “Audio” link to listen)
3. Jeremiahs words of chapter 20:7-18 echo despair and hopelessness over all the prophet has suffered in his life and ministry. In the middle of these words is verse 13. What focus do these words bring to Jeremiah‘s feelings of frustration and despondency?

Thursday, October 28 Jeremiah 23  Read & Listen Online   (Click “Audio” link to listen)
4. Explain Jeremiah 23:23-24. What does this description of God mean to you today?

Friday, October 29 Jeremiah 24-25  Read & Listen Online   (Click “Audio” link to listen)
5. Jeremiah 24:6-7 describes the remnant that God would bring back from exile. What words in these verses remind us that it is God who gives us the ability to know and believe in Him?

Saturday, October 30 Jeremiah 26-28  Read & Listen Online   (Click “Audio” link to listen)
6. Review the events recorded in Jeremiah 26:1-6. What quality of God is suggested by the words of verse 3?

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