GodSpeak Readings: Week 96/July 11-16

July 11-16
2 Tim 3-4, Titus, Philemon & Hebrews 1

GodSpeak readings for each day are listed below. Click the link to read the section and/or listen online. A discussion question is listed below for you to use in your GodSpeak group session or for discussion with others who are reading along.

Monday, July 11      2 Timothy 3-4     Read & Listen Online 2 Timothy 3     Read & Listen Online 2 Timothy 4   (Click “Audio” link to listen)
1. Read 2 Timothy 3. The Greek word brephos is translated in verse 15 as “childhood.” It is often translated simply as “child” or “infant.” In fact, this word is used in Luke 1:41 to describe the unborn John the Baptist, who leaped in his mother’s womb. What does Paul’s use of this word indicate about how early in a child’s life he or she should be taught the Holy Scriptures? Since the inspired writers of the Bible have used the same word (brephos) to denote both infants as well as babies still in their mothers’ wombs, what conclusion might we draw about when human life begins?

Tuesday, July 12      Titus 1     Read & Listen Online (Click “Audio” link to listen)
2. Review Titus 1:1-4. Like Timothy, Titus is addressed by Paul as a “true child in a common faith.” The adjective, common, does not mean “ordinary.” It refers, instead, to something “shared.” All true Christians share together in the faith. Read Ephesians 4:4–5 and Acts 2:42. What are some of the holy things that are “shared” between Christians?

Wednesday, July 13      Titus 2     Read & Listen Online (Click “Audio” link to listen)
3. What is it that motivates and teaches the Christian to say “No” to ungodliness? In other words, what prompts the Christian to do good works and live a holy life? See also Ephesians 2:8–10. What might have prompted Paul to stress the moral effects of God’s grace in this epistle addressed to Titus in Crete? (See 1:12.) For personal reflection only. What worldly passion or ungodliness in your life is the grace of God leading you to say “No” to? Reflect on that wonderful grace of God now—His forgiving love for you in Christ—and breathe a prayer to God your Father, asking Him to strengthen you to say “No” in the power of His Spirit.

Thursday, July 14      Titus 3     Read & Listen Online (Click “Audio” link to listen)
4. Titus 3:4–7 are yet another wonderful expression of pure Gospel. What four qualities of God does Paul use in these verses?

Friday, July 15      Philemon     Read & Listen Online (Click “Audio” link to listen)
5. Review Philemon. The word translated in Philemon 6 as “sharing” is the Greek word for “fellowship.” “Sharing of your faith,” therefore, should probably not be understood as “witnessing.” Rather, this verse shows that Philemon has been “active” and energetic in matters of fellowship with the other Christian brethren at Colosse. Rather than being passive, Philemon has actively and energetically expressed his fellowship with the saints. In what ways can Christians today actively express their fellowship with other believers? (For help, see Acts 2:42.)

Saturday, July 16      Hebrews 1      Read & Listen Online (Click “Audio” link to listen)
6. According to Hebrews 1:14, what work do angels do?

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