GodSpeak – Saints: Eutychus of Troas – February 9-14

Eutychus of Troas

This week we’ll hear from the President of our Minnesota South District about Eutychus from Scripture. Eutychus was a young man from Troas so weary that he slept during one of the apostle Paul’s sermons and fell three stories out a window to his death. Luke tells Eutychus’ story in Acts 20:7-12, which includes the young man’s resurrection. Eutychus may be the hero of many who are too weary to be attentive, dynamic listeners to the Word of God.   

Monday, February 9
Read Acts 20:7-12. In this interesting story from Acts, we read of Eutychus and his weariness. Why would the author, Luke, include this story?

Tuesday, February 10
Read Jeremiah 31:23-26. In this text, God promises that a day will come when he “will refresh the weary and satisfy the faint”. What makes you weary? Where in your life do you need God’s refreshing?

Wednesday, February 11
Read Luke 9:28-36. In this passage, God tells the disciples: “This is my Son, whom I have chosen; listen to him.” Jesus is our teacher. Do you ever have trouble listening to Him?

Thursday, February 12
Read Psalm 62. Where does true rest come from? Pray that God might give true rest to you this week.

Friday, February 13
Read Romans 8:18-30. Where does weariness come from? Who helps us in our weakness?

Saturday, February 14
Read Matthew 11:25-30. What is Jesus encouragement to you when you are exhausted? How do we know that He will care for us?

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