GodSpeak – Saints: Rev Wa Chong “John” Lee – February 2-7

Rev Wa Chong “John” Lee

This week we’ll hear from Rev. Dr. Fungchatou Lo , about Rev. Wa Chong “John” Lee. Rev. Lee was the only Hmong Pastor that had the opportunity to impact millions of Hmong people around the world with the Gospel.  From 1985 to 2003 Rev. Lee worked with a Christian radio station called “Far East Broadcasting Company”.  Through this radio station he was able to broadcast the Gospel in the Hmong language and was heard throughout all Southeast Asia.   As a result, millions of Hmong people in Laos, Vietnam and Thailand who heard the Gospel message preached and taught by Rev. Lee became Christians.  Rev. Lee is now with the Lord, and we give thanks to the Lord for life and ministry.

Monday, February 2
Read Isaiah 55:6-11. God promises that His word will not return to Him empty. Rev. Lee shared God’s Word on the radio for many years and God brought many people to faith through it. God’s Word will accomplish what God wants it to do. How does this give us peace when sharing God’s Word with others?

Tuesday, February 3
Read Romans 10:13-15. Paul asks the church in Rome: “how can they believe in the one of whom they have not heard?” Rev. Lee worked to make sure the people had heard of Jesus and the Gospel. More and more people grow up these days with no idea who Jesus really is. Reflect on how our culture has changed when it comes to knowledge of Jesus during your life. Pray that God would revive the church here in America so that more would know His love for them. Thank God for the areas of the world where His Church is growing!

Wednesday, February 4
Read Luke 14:12-24. Who does Jesus want invited to the party? What do you think this parable means?

Thursday, February 5
Read Psalm 51. David pleads with God to restore to him the joy of God’s salvation so that he can teach transgressors (sinners) God’s ways. It’s through God’s grace that we can share His forgiveness with others. How have you shared the forgiveness you’ve experienced with others recently?

Friday, February 6
Read John 1:1-14. Jesus is the light of the world for all people. Have you ever seen Jesus be portrayed as belonging to one group of people (Americans, republicans, etc.)? Pray that Christ would guard our hearts for remaking Jesus in our likeness. Pray that we would be continually transformed into Jesus’ likeness.

Saturday, February 7
Read Acts 2:14-41. Rev. Lee shared the Gospel with many people who’d never heard it before. Peter had this opportunity in Acts 2. The words he chose are significant. What did he say?

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