GodSpeak – Saints: Saint Augustine – January 19-24

Saint Augustine

This week we’ll hear from our DCO, Jordan Ray, about the life and ministry of Saint Augustine. He lived from 354-430 and had a major impact on the teachings of Martin Luther. Augustine believed in the centrality of God’s Word and amazing nature of God’s grace. Read along with us this week and learn more!

Monday, January 19
Read Psalm 32. Augustine was not baptized until he was 30 years old. Before this he lived as many men in the Greek world did and followed the passions of the flesh. He needed forgiveness. So do we. Confess your sins to God and receive the peace that comes through Him.

Tuesday, January 20
Read Romans 12. Augustine wrote the in his book “Confessions”, that these chapters in Romans changed his life. After reading about God’s grace and the effect it has on our lives, he went to be baptized. Take a look at your life. How do others know that you are a living sacrifice for God?

Wednesday, January 21
Read Romans 13. Augustine wrote that before his conversion he heard a childlike voice telling him to “take up and read” God’s Word. When he opened a Bible, the first verse he read were 13-14 of this chapter. These verses helped Augustine to see the light. How can you “put on Christ” in your life?

Thursday, January 22
Read Romans 14. In this chapter, Paul deals with the confusing nature of conscience, sin and judgement. Sometimes it ok to eat certain foods, but other times we should abstain for the sake of our neighbor. At the end of the day, what is Paul’s hope for the church?

Friday, January 23
Read Romans 15. Paul wanted the gentiles to know that they are at home in the church. They are not second-class citizens. Who can you make feel more welcome in God’s family?

Saturday, January 24
Read Matthew 13:44-52. In these short parables, we learn about the kingdom of heaven. In the first two, the men sold everything to follow one love. What is your one true love? How are you pursuing it?

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