GodSpeak: Spring 2019 – “Gone Fishin'”

GodSpeak for the Week of May 19

“Gone Fishin’”

Pastor Yoseph joins us for 9:30am worship this morning, and offers his sermon based on Luke’s account of the calling of the first disciples.

Day 1…Read Luke 5:1-11

  • Consider this – read the whole passage and consider its context…its pace.
    • Luke tells us that Jesus was standing there, by Lake Gennesaret – with people crowding in around Him…forcing Him closer to the water’s edge.
    • And, just a little distance away – there were some fisherman cleaning up their gear after a long (and, fruitless) night of work.
  • Answer this – why would Jesus have gotten into a boat and put out a few feet from shore to keep speaking to the crowd? (Hint – think about what happens to your voice around water)
    • What is the tone and pace of this amazing call to discipleship from Jesus to the fishermen?

Day 2…Read Luke 5:1

  • Consider this – in Greek the word “Gennesaret” means “harp” (as in the instrument).
  • Answer this – how does any lake act like a harp?  What does it do, how does it sound – that it acts in this way?
    • What is it about what happens at this particular lake, that makes “Gennesaret”/”harp” an accurate description?
    • How does Jesus and His Word act like a harp, here?

Day 3…Read Luke 5:4

  • Consider this – when the Lord calls on Peter to “put out” into the water for a catch, He specifically instructs Peter to put out into “deep water.” (literally, the “deep sea”)
  • Answer this – what might be significant about this instruction?
    • What does it tell us about God’s nature, His work, etc.?

Day 4…Read Luke 5:5

  • Consider this – the New International Version of the Scripture (from which we get our translation today), notes Peter as saying: “But because you say so, I will…”
    • The original Greek specifically arranges Peter’s words this way: “But I will do as you say…”
  • Answer this – how do these two translations and order of words compare?  How do they contrast?
    • What does the original Greek’s ordering of Peter’s words help us to understand about Peter’s response to Jesus’ command, that the English/NIV translation might cause us to miss?

Day 5…Read Luke 5:8

  • Consider this – in response to their miraculous catch, Peter falls at the Lord’s knees and says: “…I am a sinful man!” (the emphasis, here – that he is not free from sin)
  • Answer this – why would this be important for Peter to declare to Jesus?

Day 6…Read Luke 5:11

  • Consider this – the response these fishermen give to Jesus’ call to “catch men” is they “…left everything and followed Him.”
    • What Luke is telling us specifically – is the disciples “left all claim” to their boats and nets…right there.  Anyone was free to come claim them without cost or repayment to Peter and the rest.
  • Answer this – what does this tell us about the nature of Jesus’ call on us as disciples? 
    • How does the availability of free boats and nets compare to God’s grace?

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