GodSpeak – John 9 – Dec. 4-10

The Gospel of John 9

This story is all about the question of sin. “Who sinned, this man or his parents?” Or was it Jesus who sinned by healing on the Sabbath? Or do the parents sin by denying knowledge of the healer? Or do the Pharisees sin by claiming that they don’t sin? Let’s let Jesus be the judge.

 Weekly Memory Verse: John 9:25b
“One thing I know. I was blind, but now I see!” John 9:25b

Monday, December 5     Read John 9:1-41. On this first reading of the story, try to empathize with the characters of the story. Imagine yourself as the man born blind, the neighbors, the parents and the Pharisees. Which character is most natural for you to relate to?

Tuesday, December 6     Reread John 9:1-41. On this second reading of the story, consider the analogy of physical blindness with spiritual blindness. What kinds of spiritual blindness do we find in this story? What ironies do we find between those who can and cannot see?

Wednesday, December 7     After reviewing John 9, read Ezekiel 18. The rabbis drew from Exodus 20:5 that the sins of parents would be placed upon their children. Is this true? What does Ezekiel 18 add? What does Jesus say the reason is for this man to be born blind?

Thursday, December 8     After reviewing John 9, read Matthew 12:1-14. Jesus seems to have a knack for doing miracles on the Sabbath. Other than it getting him into big trouble with the Pharisees, what is Jesus telling us by healing on the Sabbath?

Friday, December 9     After reviewing John 9, read Acts 5:17-42. In both John 9:33 and Acts 5:39 one phrase stands out: “from God”. How do we know when things are “from God”?

Saturday, December 10     After reviewing John 9, read Luke 18:9-14. What is the role of humility in our lives? When do we claim to see more than we actually can?

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