GodSpeak – John 15 – January 16-21

The Gospel of John 15

No one wants to be hated. It is good to bear fruit. To bear fruit that will last means being a branch on Jesus’ vine. But to be a branch on Jesus’ vine means we’ll be hated like he was hated.

Weekly Memory Verse: John 15:5
“I am the vine; you are the branches. If a man remains in me and I in him, he will bear much fruit; apart from me you can do nothing.”

Monday, January 16     Read John 15:1-17. Jesus mixes together many terms in this passage: vine, branches, fruit, love, friend, servant. How do all these fit together into one picture?

Tuesday, January 17     Read John 15:18-27 Hate is such a strong word… but that’s exactly what Jesus is saying. Where does this hatred come from? What is it directed at? How do we stand up in the face of hatred?

Wednesday, January 18     After reviewing John 15, read Isaiah 5:1-7, 27:2-6. The vineyard metaphor plays heavily throughout scripture. How does Isaiah’s vineyard passages relate with Jesus’ picture of his vineyard?

Thursday, January 19     After reviewing John 15, read Romans 5. How is God’s love for us demonstrated? What status do we then receive? How do our relationships with each other change?

Friday, January 20      After reviewing John 15, read Luke 6:20-49. In Luke 6, Jesus lays out similar expectations for his disciples of the world’s hatred. How is being hated by the world a “blessing”? Is there ever an appropriate situation where we should hate? (Rom. 12:9)

Saturday, January 21     After reviewing John 15, read Acts 10:34-48. How important is it that Peter is an eyewitness of Jesus? Do we qualify? We may not have been with Jesus physically, but hasn’t he been with us? What is our testimony?

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