GodSpeak – John 7 – Nov. 21-26

The Gospel of John 7

“No, he deceives people.” “You are demon-possessed…” “Isn’t this the man they are trying to kill?” Suddenly the language about Jesus has turned nasty. How does Jesus respond?

Weekly Memory Verse: John 7:38
“Whoever believes in me, as the Scripture has said, streams of living water will flow from within him. “

Monday, November 21     Read John 7:1-24. Skeptical brothers, a secret journey, surprising authority and a shocking accusation. Jesus seems to be misunderstood by everyone. Why do you think there is such a disconnect between Jesus an the world? See John 1:10

Tuesday, November 22     Read John 7:25-52. Who is Jesus? Jesus answers using the image of living water. It’s helpful to note that each day of the festival the priests would march in procession bringing water from the pool of Siloam to pour at the base of the altar at the temple.

Wednesday, November 23     After reviewing John 7:1-52, read Leviticus 23:33-43 and Deuteronomy 16:13-17. God appointed certain times for his people to gather for certain festivals. Why? What purpose do they serve? Do we do this today? If so, have they retained their purpose?

Thursday, November 24     After reviewing John 7:1-52, read Romans 2. At the height of the festival Jesus gets up and reveals the hypocrisy of the religious establishment. If God’s law is perfect, why do we struggle so much to do it?

Friday, November 25      After reviewing John 7:1-52, read 1 John 5. John’s letter combines water, blood and Spirit as the “three that testify.” How do they testify to our “streams of living water”?

Saturday, November 26     After reviewing John 7:1-52, read Luke 9:1-27. Jesus was very mysterious, and subject to many rumors. What rumors do you hear about Jesus? Are they true?

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