GodSpeak – John 8 – Nov. 28-Dec. 3

The Gospel of John 8

Have you ever had a conversation that seemed to cascade out of control? It didn’t matter what you said, whatever came out of your mouth next seemed to be the next thing used against you. Chapter 8 seems to be this kind of cascading conversation. Things seem to be going worse and worse for Jesus… or, then again, is it getting better?

 Weekly Memory Verse: John 8:58
“I tell you the truth, … before Abraham was born, I am!” John 8:58

Monday, November 28     Read John 8:1-30. The woman’s actions have brought what was in darkness to light. How is Jesus the “light of the world”? What light is he shining through his testimony?

Tuesday, November 29     Read John 8:31-59. Here we find the great paternity test of the Gospel of John! Why is paternity such a big deal? Why does vs.56 & 58 garner such a response?

Wednesday, November 30     After reviewing John 8, read Leviticus 20:7-10 & 24:10-16. Aren’t these Jews simply following the law by preparing to stone the woman caught in adultery (v.5) and Jesus the “blasphemer” (v.59)? Is Jesus being permissive or is he revealing a new reality?

Thursday, December 1     After reviewing John 8, read Psalm 27. The Psalm links “light” with “salvation.” How is Jesus both our “light” and our “salvation?”

Friday, December 2     After reviewing John 8, read Romans 8. True freedom comes from knowing the truth by being disciples who hold to Jesus’ teaching (vs.31-32).

Saturday, December 3     After reviewing John 8, read 1 John 3. How did Jesus recognize that these Jews were “children of the devil”? How are we recognized as being the children of God?

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