Psalm 103 (GodSpeak Readings Jun 29-Jul 4)

Psinging through Psummer
Psalm 103

God has done it all and He is compassionate, slow to anger and abounding in love.  He has saved you thru His Son, Jesus  What more do you need? All we need to do is live obediently in His presence and praise and thank Him!
Prayer:  God in Heaven, may I praise you every day as long as I live.

Monday, June 29 
Read Psalm 103.  God is worthy of our praise for all He has done for you.  Are you praising God every day, in your inmost being?  How can you praise God amidst the chaos and pain of the world to show others who God is?

Tuesday, June 30
Review Psalm 103, then read Matthew 18:21-35.  God has forgiven and forgotten your sin.  Who do you need to forgive like God has forgiven you?

Wednesday, July 1
Review Psalm 103, then read Micah 7:14-20.  Praise God for His forgiveness!  What sin do you keep on asking forgiveness for? Repent and accept God’s forgiveness.

Thursday, July 2
Review Psalm 103, then read Ephesians 1.  God wants you to live in victory — You are righteous in His eyes.  What do you need to remove from your life to be holy and blameless?

Friday, July 3
Review Psalm 103, then read Exodus 20.  God’s commands are boundaries to keep you in His will.  What in our culture keeps you from keeping God’s commands?

Saturday, July 4
Review Psalm 103, then read Malachi 3.  God has done so much for you, He is worthy of your time, talents and money.  How can you begin or continue to give God His tithe of your time, talents and money?

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