GodSpeak – Waterlife – In the Name of the Father – January 13-18

In the Name of the Father

The Father declares that Jesus is his beloved Son. In our baptism we become the children of God. We can call God, “Father.” We have a new family. What makes this family different than any other family? How do we live in the name of the Father?

Monday, January 13
Read Matthew 3. Does Jesus become God’s Son when the Father speaks at his baptism? If not, then why does the Father say it? What does it mean for us to become children of God?

Tuesday, January 14
Read Matthew 6:9-13, 23:1-12. What does it mean to call God “our Father?” How do we keep his name set apart, or “holy?” What does it mean to ask our Father for “daily bread?” Wouldn’t it be easier to ask for weekly, monthly or, (better yet) yearly bread?

Wednesday, January 15
Read Luke 15. How is the father in the parable of the prodigal son like our heavenly Father? How are you like the prodigal son? How are you like the son that stays?

Thursday, January 16
Read John 8. What is the connection between Jesus and his Father? Jesus makes it plain that children do what their father did. What does our Father do? What does the devil do? Can other people tell whose children we are?

Friday, January 17
Read 1 Peter 1. Notice how Peter links everything to the Father. We are reborn, ransomed, obedient children of the Father. What does that new life look like?

Saturday, January 18
Read 1 John 3. If we are children of God, then that means we have a new family. We are sisters and brothers through Christ. What is the bond that holds us together? How do we treat one another? How does our love fall short of what John describes here?

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