GodSpeak: Advent 2017 – Week 4

Joy to the World: Advent Week 4

Daily Devotional/Group Discussion Questions


Advent is a Latin word that means “coming.” During this time, we remember that Christ stepped into our brokenness, and we anticipate His second coming. This series will provide activities for you and your family, and they are always optional but fun and beneficial.


Daily prayer: Keep a prayer list this season for the people you want to show love to, and ask God  to use your small actions for His great purposes.


Mon. Dec 18 Read Micah 5:2-5. Why do you think Jesus was born in such a humble place in a small town? How does this make you feel? Activity: Do one little thing for someone you love.


Tue. Dec 19 Read Esther 4:10-16. Was Esther brave? Do you think we need to be brave to share the Good News with others? Activity: Find the song “You Make Me Brave” by Bethel Music and listen to it. What words stand out to you? What Bible passage can you find that has to do with bravery?


Wed. Dec 20 Read Habakkuk 2:1, & Hab. 3. Who is our light? What does this mean to you? Who do you know that needs that light? Activity: Light the fourth advent candle and be intentional to spend more time than usual in prayer as an individual and with your family. Also, join Bethel in Advent worship at 7pm. Tonight is the children’s Christmas program!


Thurs. Dec 21 Read Luke 1:1-25. Zechariah’s name means “God remembers.” How did God remember him and Elizabeth? Have you seen a miracle, or heard of someone who has? Why do you think the miracle of Christmas is one of the best? Activity: Find lyrics to the hymn “Oh Come, All Ye Faithful” and sing!


Fri. Dec 22 Read Matthew 3. What’s one thing you can do to prepare for Christmas? How about for Christ’s second coming? Activity: Find a cookie recipe you’ve never done before and bake it! As you bake, consider this: Jesus is with you always. How does He make a difference in your life daily?


Sat. Dec 23 Read Luke 1:26-56. The Angel asked Mary to make space (literally) for Jesus. What does it look like today to give Jesus space? How has He made space in your life? Activity: Clench your fists, then open them. Keep repeating. As you do, think about giving God whatever is bothering you. As you relax your hands, consider how Jesus holds them and takes your every need.


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