Good Friday/The Resurrection of our Lord

April 16, 2017 (Easter)
Rev. Dennis Drews
Scripture Readings: Jeremiah 31:1-6, Colossians 3:1-4, Matthew 4:1-11

Read The Story, Chapter 26 & 27

or if you don’t have a Story book, read Matthew 26-28; Mark 14-16; Luke 9, 22-23; John 7-8, 11-14, 16-19

Questions to think through and pray through with your small group and family
Taken from the back of The Story book “Discussion Questions”Jesus 

  1. What did Jesus predict at the Last Supper with His disciples?
  2. Why did Jesus have to die?
  3. How did Jesus’ followers respond to the tragic events?
  4. What implications does Jesus’ death on the cross for the sins of humanity have for your life?
  5. What can you learn about God’s love through these events?
  6. In what way has Jesus’ life/death affected the way you live your life from day to day?
  7. Why do you believe that Jesus rose from the dead? What difference does it make in your life knowing He is alive today?
  8. When Jesus appeared to people after His resurrection, how do you think their lives were changed?
  9. What does Jesus’ resurrection from the dead reveal about God’s power over death and sin?


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