Hang them Up (GodSpeak Readings Dec 7-12)

Christmas Lights: Hang them Up

Nobody takes out Christmas lights, untangles them and leaves them on the ground.  We hang them up.  The whole point of Christmas lights is for them to be seen!  The same goes for the light of Jesus.   We “hang” the light of Jesus in places where people can see Jesus through us. 

Daily Prayer: Jesus, put me in a position to shine with your love so that others can see you.  Amen.

Monday, December 7
Read Psalm 71Locate all the places in this psalm about telling others about the goodness of God.  Why is the psalmist so intent to proclaim the greatness of God?  Do you share the attitude of the psalmist about sharing the message of God’s love?  Why or why not?

Tuesday, December 8
Read Matthew 5:1-16What happens to a light when it is covered up?  What does Jesus say we should do with our light?  According to Jesus what is our light?  What will people do when they see our light?  Do people see your light?  If so, do they have that same reaction?

Wednesday, December 9
Read Matthew 6:1-18Jesus warns us that we don’t do our righteous acts in front of others to be seen by them.  What is the motivational difference between what the Pharisees were doing and shining the love of Jesus for others to see?

Thursday, December 10
Read Luke 8:26-39Jesus met man who had many demons and cast them out.  What did the man do after being saved?  What has Jesus done for you?  How does it compare to what Jesus did for this man?  How are you following in the footsteps of the man saved by Jesus?

Friday, December 11
Read Matthew 10:1-33Jesus sends his disciples to shine the light of truth.  What are some of the challenges they will face?  What are the disciples to do with the things Jesus has told them (v. 27)?  What is Jesus’ response to those who acknowledge him before others?

Saturday, December 12
Read 1 Corinthians 4Paul is bold to believe that the message of God’s light shines through him.   Who is Paul doing all this for?  Why does he do it in the first place?   What is his attitude about success?

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