He is Greater (GodSpeak readings Feb 1-6)

Who is this Jesus?
He is Greater

It’s one of the most bizarre episodes in the story of Jesus.  On a mountaintop Jesus glows and hangs out with Moses and Elijah until a cloud comes and a voice tells the disciples to listen to Jesus.  Either God is into theatrics or he’s telling us something… or maybe both.

 Daily Prayer: God, with all the other voices out there competing for my attention, help me to listen to the voice of Jesus has he leads me on the narrow way.   Amen.

Monday, February 1
Read Luke 9:28-36A powerful message is being sent by the appearance of Jesus here.  What does it mean that: – he was dazzling white – Moses and Elijah were there – they spoke of his departure – the voice from the cloud said, “listen to him!”

Tuesday, February 2
Read Deuteronomy 18:15-22Early on, God predicted through Moses that a prophet would come out of Israel that they must listen to.  Was that prophet Elijah?  How does this episode on a mountaintop put that question to rest?  Who do we listen to instead of Jesus?

Wednesday, February 3
Read Acts 3:11-26.  How does Peter speak of Jesus as being greater?  How does he interpret our passage from yesterday?  Why does he consider it so important to listen to Jesus?

Thursday, February 4
Read Exodus 34:29-35Moses came down from the mountain and his face was shining.  What do you suppose that represented?  What’s the difference when Jesus shines on the mountain?  Who is shining on whom?  What does it mean to have Jesus shine on us?

Friday, February 5
Read 2 Peter 1:16-21.  What is Peter referring to in his recollections here?  What was his point for bringing it up?  How does message here correspond to the whole reason Jesus was transfigured in the first place?  How do your actions point to Jesus as being greater?

Saturday, February 6
Read Philippians 2:1-11Paul wants us to mimic Jesus’ humility and then at the end of the passage declares that every knee will bow to Jesus as Lord.  So, which is it?  Is Jesus humble or powerful?  If it’s both, how can that be?  How do we “bow to Jesus” on a daily basis?

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