He is Merciful (GodSpeak Readings Feb 22-27)

Who is this Jesus? He is Merciful

Jesus is encountered with superstitions about people who suffered terrible tragedies.  Did the people deserve it or not?  A better question is, what do we really deserve?

Daily Prayer:  Lord, thank you for being merciful upon me, a poor sinful being and forgiving me of all my sins.  Amen.

Monday, February 22
Read Luke 13:1-9Have you ever tried to justify some horrific event by convincing yourself that those who suffered somehow deserved it?  Have you ever done that to yourself?  Why is Jesus so insistent that they repent?  Is that still true for us?

Tuesday, February 23
Read Luke 15What examples does Jesus use to teach about the importance of repentance?  Why is it such a joyous thing to see someone repent?  Do we have the same kind of joy when we see people repent around us?  Why or why not?

Wednesday, February 24
Read Romans 9:1-26Paul desperately wants his Israelite people to believe and be saved.  What is God’s role in salvation?  What is man’s role in salvation?  Why might we have difficulty with our role versus God’s role?

Thursday, February 25
Read Ezekiel 33:7-20What kind of responsibility does God put upon Ezekiel?  Does God put a similar responsibility on us?  Is it better to have believed and turned away or to have rejected God and then believe?  How is this principle important for how a Christian sees other people?

Friday, February 26
Read Matthew 21:28-46How does the parable of the two sons echo the message of Ezekiel 33?  How does the parable of the tenants of the vineyard also follow that theme?  What does this parable say about God’s mercy?  What does it say about stewardship?

Saturday, February 27
Read Matthew 7:15-29Jesus wants us to bear fruit.  What does it mean to “bear fruit?”  Why is it so important to do so?  How does the heart connect with the works that we do?  What low-hanging fruit can you bear today for the sake of someone else?  Get to it!

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