He IS the Good News (GodSpeak Readings Jan 25-30)

Who is this Jesus?
He IS the Good News

Jesus embodied the good news.  He lived a perfect life, just as it was intended at creation.  People around him were restored to their intended state without illness or demon.  This is good news for everyone, especially when we find out how he won salvation for all.

 Daily Prayer: Lord, help me to remember that life in Jesus is good news worthy of sharing.  Amen.

Monday, January 25
Read Luke 4:31-44Imagine being inhabited by a demon.  Imagine the torture of that experience.  Now imagine having that lifted from you.  Have you ever had to endure a burden like that?  Was it lifted?  How is all sin like that demon?  How is that burden lifted from us?

Tuesday, January 26
Read Isaiah 35How is the goodness of God expressed in this prophecy?  How does Jesus fulfill that in his actions?  What is the ultimate fulfillment of this prophecy?  How can we anticipate that right now?

Wednesday, January 27
Read Acts 16:16-24It must have been good news for this girl to be relieved of this terrible spirit!  How did everyone else react?  What did this spirit know about Paul and Silas that everyone else had to find out?  Why do the demons even recognize Jesus?

Thursday, January 28
Read Jeremiah 1Jesus said his purpose was to preach the good news.  What was Jeremiah’s God-given purpose?  Is the good news always going to sound “good” to everyone?  Who might consider Jesus’ good news to be bad news?  How can we keep our good news good even though others might see it as bad?

Friday, January 29
Read Romans 10Paul desperately wants to bring the good news to the Jewish people.  How does Paul talk about the way the good news spreads?  Who has rejected the good news?

Saturday, January 30
Read 1 Peter 1How does Peter connect the good news from the Old Testament to their life in the present?  How does Peter summarize the good news at the end of this chapter?  Why is it so important for us to know that God’s word remains forever?

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