He is the Master Calling Us (GodSpeak Readings Feb 15-20)

Who is this Jesus?
He is the Master Calling Us

Jesus tells us that we will catch people.  For some of us that’s a scary proposition.  For others of us, it’s an exciting thought.  Someone played a part in catching us, so let’s get “fishing!”

Daily Prayer: Lord Jesus, thank you for catching me with your grace.  Lead me to represent you in everything I do and say so that others may be caught by you and saved.   Amen.

Monday, February 15
Read Luke 5:1-11Jesus called his disciples to follow him through the example of an amazing catch of fish.  Why were they so amazed?  What did that symbolize for them?  What does this symbol mean for us now?  How does someone “catch people?”

Tuesday, February 16
Read Ephesians 4Paul talks about the calling that we have.  What character traits does Paul speak about being integral to that call?  What roles are there for different people who have been called by God?  What is the purpose of that calling?

Wednesday, February 17
Read Isaiah 6Why was Isaiah so afraid?  What does the burning coal from the altar symbolize?  What was Isaiah called to do?  Compare that calling to that of Jesus’s disciples.  Is our calling always to gather an amazing harvest?  Think back to the history of the church and the many callings throughout the centuries.  What’s our calling now?   

Thursday, February 18
Read Luke 9:1-17.  Jesus calls his disciples to take the message to the surrounding communities.  What would have made their job difficult?  What miracle did Jesus perform just after they returned?  How might this miracle send a message about the spreading of the kingdom?

Friday, February 19
Read John 21:1-14John records a similar event happening after Jesus’ resurrection.  What similarities in symbolism do you find with Luke 5?  What additional meaning is conveyed that the disciples couldn’t catch the fish even after Jesus’ resurrection?

Saturday, February 20
Read Matthew 28:16-20Jesus commissions the disciples to make disciples.  How can one disciple making another disciple turn into a “net-full?”  Do we structure our churches to multiply disciples?  If not, how might we adjust our ministries to do so?

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