He Saves (GodSpeak Readings March 14-19)

Who is this Jesus? – He Saves

It’s Palm Sunday week!  Jesus came to shouts of Hosanna to save us!

 Daily Prayer: Jesus, teach me today to live in your salvation.  Amen.

Monday, March 14
Read Matthew 21:1-17The word “hosanna” means “O save!”  How does the way Jesus enters Jerusalem speak to the way in which he saves?

Tuesday, March 15
Read Luke 19:1-10Luke clearly says that “salvation” came to Zacchaeus’ house.  What was Zacchaeus saved from?  What was he saved into? 

Wednesday, March 16
Read John 3:1-21John has a great way of summarizing things.  What verses here talk about salvation?  What can you do to keep them in the front of your mind today?

Thursday, March 17
Read Acts 16The jailer asked a very important question about salvation.  How are we saved?  How did the jailers actions change once he was baptized?

Friday, March 18
Read Romans 10Paul wants his Jewish people to be saved.  Why is it so important to “confess with your mouth” for salvation?  What happens if you don’t?

Saturday, March 19
Read Titus 3:1-7What is the connection between salvation and good works?  Thank God today that you are saved through the blood of Jesus to love others the way he loved you.

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