He Celebrates (GodSpeak Readings February 28-March 5)

Who is this Jesus?  He Celebrates

While Jesus comes on a mission to suffer and die for the sins of the world, we sometimes miss the “joy set before him” (Heb. 12).  Jesus has a vision of beauty for us that is worth celebrating!

Daily Prayer: Jesus, give me a heart that celebrates the goodness you have recreated in me.  Amen.

Monday, February 29
Read Luke 15Jesus culminates a series of parables about finding what is lost with the famous story of the prodigal son.  Imagine the celebration that happened at the son’s return.  What sentiments are present that could undermine the celebration?  What is the father’s attitude?

Tuesday, March 1
Read Isaiah 12Why is the person singing this song so happy?  How might this song be appropriate for the prodigal son?  Where do you find your voice in the song? 

Wednesday, March 2
Read Ephesians 2:1-10The symbolism of death to life is strong in the prodigal son story.  Where do we find the same theme in this passage?  What is it that brings us from death to life?  What’s God’s role in that?  What’s our role?

Thursday, March 3
Read Matthew 22:1-14Jesus told a parable about a celebration in honor of his son’s wedding.  What does it symbolize that the invited guests refused to come?  What do you suppose the “wedding clothes” symbolizes?  How is it helpful to think of the kingdom of God as a wedding party?  How can we reflect that kind of celebration in the way we live as church?

Friday, March 4
Read Luke 6:1-23There are few places where Jesus calls upon us to rejoice.  Why do you think Jesus calls upon us to rejoice when we are persecuted by those who hate us because of our association with Jesus?  Do we rejoice when we are oppressed?  Why or why not? 

Saturday, March 5
Read Philippians 4:4-9Paul really wants the Philippian church to have a party!  What kind of party is this?  How does this party contrast with the parties thrown by the culture?  Start planning now for a Philippian style party.  Who do you need to invite?  We need to celebrate!

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