The First Coming: Hope

Daily Devotional/Group Discussion Questions
Have you ever thought about the intricate, delicate details of the First Christmas? Through Mary, God brought an everlasting hope for the nations. In order to understand the significance of Jesus’ first coming, we’re going to look at His second.  Daily Prayer: Pray through Psalm 122.

Monday, Nov 28
Read Genesis 5:32-7:24. Noah and his family were in quite the tight spot. What was the culture like when their family was called to build the ark? What hope could they have possibly had?

Tuesday, Nov 29
Read Matthew 25:1-13. “The Kingdom of Heaven will be like” is a common start to parables. Who is Jesus in this parable? Who are we? What hope does this give us? What call to action?

Wednesday, Nov 30
Read Matthew 24:36-44. With Jesus’ first coming having happened already, we get to anticipate His second coming. What does Matthew say about this coming? How is advent a time of preparation for Christmas and His second coming?

Thursday, Dec 1
Read Matthew  21:1-11. Why were the people so excited to see Jesus? In what manner did Jesus come? In what way does this entrance resemble His initial entrance into the world?

Friday, Dec 2
Read Romans 13:8-14. “Wake up”.  In what ways are we called to prepare for Jesus’ second coming?

Saturday, Dec 3
Read Luke 1:26-56. How was Mary’s faith stretched? How has trusting God even when you don’t understand stretched your faith?


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