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Rev. Andrew Prin
December 1, 2019

GodSpeak for the Week of December 1

We begin our Advent season by considering the meanings of the Advent candles on the wreath.  And, our consideration is aided via a video series by “The Skit Guys,” along with what these definitions mean in the world today.

This week, we consider the meaning of…hope.

Day 1…Read Isaiah 2:1-3a

  • Consider this – in the vision God gave to Isaiah, the prophet sees God’s holy mountain (i.e., His dwelling place) as being the highest of all mountains.
  • Answer this – rather than being off-putting, how does God want the people to view/understand His holy mountain?
    • What will come from God/what will He do from that lofty place?

Day 2…Read Isaiah 2:3b-5

  • Answer this – what does God mean that He will “settle disputes for many people”?
    • What does that look like/how is that worked out in our day-and-age?
  • Answer this – likewise, what does God mean that He will “beat their swords into plowshares and their spears into pruning hooks”?
    • What does that look like/how is that worked out in our day-and-age?

Day 3…Read Matthew 24:36-44

  • Consider this – the season of Advent generally starts with this passage about the “last days” (i.e., a reminder that our Lord was born into this world once…and that he will come once more before the end of time).
  • Answer this – what are Jesus’ two primary points in this passage?
    • What is Jesus trying to get folks to understand?

Day 4…Read Romans 8:18-21

  • Consider this – in v. 20, the word that gets translated as “frustration,” Paul intends to mean “frailty” or “want of vigor”.
  • Answer this – why would God have subjected Creation to “frailty” and “want of vigor”?
  • Compare – Genesis 3:1-7 to Genesis 3:8-19.
  • Answer this – where does “frailty” appear between these two passages?

Day 5…Read Romans 8:18-21

  • Consider this – as Creation was subjected to “frustration” (i.e., frailty and want of vigor) by God, the Heavenly Father has DONE SO in “hope” (that is, “joyful/confident expectation of eternally saving”)
  • Answer this – what is the “hope” that God has for the Creation He has subjected to “frustration”?

Day 6…Read Romans 8:22-26

  • Consider this – the word “hope” appears several times in this passage and always means that idea of “joyful/ confident expectation of eternally saving”
  • Answer this – how is “hope” used in terms of God’s hope versus our hope?
  • From where does the “hope” of salvation come (very important)?

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