GodSpeak – Philippians 4:1-9 – July 7-12

Reading Paul, Hearing Jesus (GEPC)
Philippians 4:1-9

Paul desperately wants the Philippian Christians to stand firm in their faith. In order to do that, conflicts must be resolved, gentleness must be evident, prayer must dominate and hearts and minds must be guarded in Christ Jesus.

Monday, July 7
Read Philippians 4:1-9. Once again we get a personnel update from Paul, now about some conflict between Euodia and Syntyche. Why is it so important that they “agree?” How does their situation prepare us to hear what Paul says about rejoicing? How can we better devote our minds to things that are true, noble, right, pure and lovely?

Tuesday, July 8
After reviewing Philippians 4:1-9, read Matthew 18. Paul is concerned for Euodia and Syntyche. What happens if they can’t agree and stray? Jesus calls for us to seek the repentance of others so that we can forgive them. Why is that so hard for us to do? What do we risk by not doing it?

Wednesday, July 9
After reviewing Philippians 4:1-9, read Matthew 5:1-12. Jesus doesn’t tell us to “rejoice” too often. Many times it’s in the context of persecution. Paul strongly encourages the persecuted Philippians to “rejoice!” What is it about persecution that would make it a natural time for a Christian to rejoice?

Thursday, July 10
After reviewing Philippians 4:1-9, read Matthew 6:1-19. Paul encourages us to present our requests to God “with thanksgiving.” What do you pray for? What does the Lord’s Prayer mean to you? Does Jesus teach us WHAT to pray or HOW to pray? What’s the difference?

Friday, July 11
After reviewing Philippians 4:1-9, read Matthew 6:19-34. Paul also encourages us to release our anxiety. In such a fast-paced, crazy world, how is that possible? What does Jesus say about worry and anxiety? What worries plague you? Pray with thanksgiving to God about these concerns.

Saturday, July 12
After reviewing Philippians 4:1-9, read John 14. Jesus says he leaves us with peace. What is that peace? How does obeying Jesus’ commands link with what Paul encourages us to “think about?”

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