Jesus: A True and Better Joseph

July 17, 2016
Rev. David Seabaugh
Scripture Readings: Genesis 50:14-21; Colossians 3:12-17; Luke 23:32-43


Daily Devotional/Group Discussion Questions

Joseph: a foreshadow of the True and Better Suffering Servant, and a type of Christ who forgives, preaches live, and gives salvation. See how Jesus is the True and Better Joseph.

 Daily Prayer: Pray through Psalm 22.

Monday, July 11
Read Genesis 37:1-36 & Matthew 26:15, 47-56, 69-75. Joseph was the beloved son of his father, but his brothers weren’t too keen on him. Sold for silver, his brothers resembled other men, close to Jesus. What suffering do you see here in both accounts?

Tuesday, July 12
Read Gen. 39 & Isaiah 53. Joseph cannot catch a break. While he continues to do good, he seems to keep suffering. How was Joseph a suffering servant? How was Jesus?

Wednesday, July 13
Read Gen. 40 & Luke 23:39-43. Both Joseph and Jesus are condemned with 2 prisoners. What is the major similarity here? What do each of them preach, even in the worst of circumstances? How is Jesus’ message True & Better?

Thursday, July 14
Read Gen. 41 & Philippians 2:9-11. How were both Joseph and Jesus exalted, despite all that was happening to them? What does this show you about God’s power?

Friday, July 15
Read Gen. 42-45 & Luke 23:32-38. What was an alternate to what Joseph did for his brothers? What was an alternate to what Jesus could have done? How do both affect us?

Saturday, July 16
Read Gen. 50:15-21 & 1 Peter 1:8-11. What message does God give us? How is Jesus the True & Better Joseph?

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