Jesus: A True and Better Moses

True and Better – Moses

Sunday July 24, 2016
Kurtis Smith (LINC Twin Cities)
Scripture Readings: Deuteronomy 34:7-12Romans 7:14-8:4John 9:13-38


Daily Devotional/Group Discussion Questions

Moses is famous for leading the Israelites out of Egypt. How does he point to One who can lead slaves of sin out of death?

 Daily Prayer: Pray through Psalm 34.

Monday, July 18
Read Exodus 2:15-19, John 1:1-3, & Mark 6:3. Moses, once royalty, faced reality of his humble roots. He went from prince to pauper. How did Jesus do the same? How was His challenge greater?

Tuesday, July 19
Read Ex. 3:7-10 & Romans 11:26-28. Aware of the affliction of his people, both Moses and Jesus needed to do something. How were the Israelites afflicted? How were we?

Wednesday, July 20
Read Ex. 13, Galatians 5:1, and Romans 6:14-19. The Israelites and us needed a deliverer. What did Moses do? What did Jesus do?

Thursday, July 21
Read Ex. 16 & John 6. What is the bread from heaven? Why did the Israelites grumble? Why do we grumble?

Friday, July 22
Read Ex. 17:1-7 & John 4. God provides life. How is Jesus the true and better Moses?

Saturday, July 23
Read Numbers 21:4-9, 1 Corinthians 1:18, and John 3:14-16. Who do we look to for salvation?

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