No Ordinary Man

April 2, 2017
Rev. Dennis Drews
Scripture Readings: Ezekiel 34:11-24; 1 Timothy 1:13-17; Luke 15:1-10

Read The Story, Chapter 24

or if you don’t have a Story book, read Matthew 5-7, 9, 14; Mark 4-6; Luke 10, 15; John 6

Questions to think through and pray through with your small group and family
Taken from the back of The Story book “Discussion Questions”Jesus

  1. Why might Jesus have used parable as a way to teach people?
  2. What can you learn from Jesus’ parables that you can use in your own life?
  3. If you would have heard Jesus’ sermon, what do you think you would have done? Would you have followed Him?
  4. Why did Jesus’ teaching bother some of the religious leaders?
  5. Jesus explained that He is the “bread of life” – the source of sustenance and satisfaction. What can you do to gain a deeper satisfaction in your relationship with Jesus? What has He done to deepen your relationship with Him?

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