One Little Word – Do

Rev. Andrew Prin
Sunday, March 15

GodSpeak for the Week of March 15

We continue this week with our Lenten series– “One Little Word”; a program focused on the last line verse of Martin Luther’s famous hymn, “A Mighty Fortress”. In addition to the word “Jesus,” God has put into His Word a variety of “little words” which have the power to “subdue” the devil. This week, we consider the words “never” (from last Wednesday’s Ecclesiastes 4 reading) as well as “do” from today’s Matthew reading.

Day 1…Read Matthew 16:21-22 (from our midweek reading)

  • Consider this – of the 1983 movie “Scarface,” critics noted things like: “Its florid pleasures can never be exhausted,” and “Painted in exuberant, extravagant swaths of red, [the director’s] foolhardy epic is a thing of delirious grandeur.”
  • Consider this – yet, of the 2004 movie “The Passion of the Christ,” critics noted: “It’s a shame thee isn’t a good movie deep down in this excuse for gore and sadism,” as well as: “To put so much time, effort and money into something that’s ultimately so lifeless seems like a waste to me.”
  • Answer this – what did Jesus CLEARLY SAY was going to happen to Him?
  • Answer this – why do some therefore consider a movie, like Scarface to be a “…thing of delirious grandeur,” but a movie about His “scarred face” to be “…ultimately so lifeless…a waste to me”?

Day 2…Read Matthew 16:22-23 (again, from our midweek reading)

  • Answer this – why does Jesus refer to Peter as “Satan,” here (i.e., seems a bit harsh)?  What is Jesus trying to communicate?

Day 3…Read Matthew 16:24-28 (again, from our midweek reading)

  • Answer this – what does it mean/look like in our day-and-age for a person to “…gain the whole world, yet forfeit their soul?”
    • Based on Jesus’ call in this passage, how do we insulate ourselves from this sin?

Day 4…Read Luke 10:25-28

  • Consider this – the man who asks Jesus the question is an “expert” in the Law.
  • Answer this – so, why does he need to ask Jesus an answer to something he’s already an expert in?

Day 5…Read Luke 10:29

  • Consider this – when Luke tells us the man wanted to “justify” himself, the Gospel writer implying that the man wanted to be declared/pronounced as righteous by Jesus.
  • Answer this – why isn’t Jesus’ reply in v. 28 (i.e., “You have answered correctly…”) enough of a pronouncement for the man?
  • Answer this – what does the man hope to gain from Jesus, by asking: “And who is my neighbor?”

Day 6…Read Luke 10:30-37

  • Consider this – people from Samaria were much disliked in Jesus’ day.  The “priest” and the “Levite” were the kind of people respected by those listening to Jesus.
  • Answer this – by specifically mentioning that the one who treated the injured man was a Samaritan, what is Jesus saying to the crowd?

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