Out of Storage – GodSpeak Readings Nov 23-28

Christmas Lights:  Out of Storage

We store our Christmas lights in dusty bins, waiting for their month to shine.  Could it be that we also store away the light God wishes to shine through us?   We can’t reflect the light of Jesus if we keep it in storage!  Let’s pull our lights out of storage and prepare to shine.

Daily Prayer: Thank you for the light that shines into our lives through Jesus.  Wherever I have hidden that light where it can’t shine, pull it out that I might shine with Jesus’ love. Amen.

Monday, November 23
Read Genesis 3After falling to the serpent’s temptation, what did Adam and Eve do?  What were they hiding from?  Why did they feel no need to hide before?  Why would we want to hide the amazing gifts God has given us?

Tuesday, November 24
Read 2 Kings 22In the generations previous to King Josiah, the teachings of God where hidden away in the dilapidated temple in Jerusalem.  What happened when Josiah heard these teachings again?  What teachings of Jesus are hidden away in your heart that need to be heard again?

Wednesday, November 25
Read Matthew 25:14-30A talent is a very large sum of money.  In order for this money to multiply, it must be put to work in the market.  Why did the man with one talent hide it?  How did the master respond to receiving the one talent back?  Why is it important for us to keep the truth of salvation “in the market?”

Thursday, November 26
Read Mark 4:21-34Jesus says that the “hidden” things will be “revealed.”  What is hidden?  How is it revealed?  Who has revealed it?  Are we also to keep it hidden?  If not, how do we reveal it?

Friday, November 27
Read 1 Corinthians 2Paul also talks about a “hidden” wisdom.  It is a spiritual wisdom.  What makes this spiritual wisdom different than the wisdom of this world? How do we get this wisdom?  How does that change the way we live?

Saturday, November 28
Read 1 John 2: 1-11John reminds us that our salvation through Jesus is the new gift of something as old as time.  How is salvation through Jesus old and new?  How will you keep the new gift from becoming old to you?

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