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GodSpeak for the Week of December 8


We continue our Advent season considering the meanings of the Advent candles on the wreath.  And, our consideration is aided via a video series by “The Skit Guys,” along with what these definitions mean in the world today.

This week, we consider the meaning of…peace.

Day 1…Read Isaiah 11:1-2

  • Consider this – at God’s direction, Isaiah notes that a “shoot” will come from the “stump of Jesse.”
    • That is, a new life will come the remnant of the once great family line of Jesse (and thus, King David).
    • Put in more contemporary terms, this One will be a veritable “chip off the old block”.
  • Consider this – Isaiah notes that God’s Spirit will give this One some 6 important qualities.
  • Answer this – how has God’s Spirit given you these same qualities?  What are you to do with them?

Day 2…Read Isaiah 11:3-4

  • Consider this – Isaiah notes that Jesus will not “judge by what He sees with His eyes, or decide by what He hears with His ears.”
  • Answer this – how did Jesus (i.e., think about specific episodes) live out these truths?

Day 3…Read Isaiah 9:6

  • Consider this – the pinnacle of Isaiah’s prophecy about Jesus appears in this verse, where the prophet notes Jesus will be the “Prince of Peace.”
    • The Hebrew word for “peace” is “shalom” – and this word encapsulates a host of meanings, including: quiet, contentment, tranquility, completeness (in number of things), soundness (in body) and welfare.
  • Answer this – how is Jesus the “Prince” of each of these qualities?  Which of these are you most blessed by in terms of the Lord’s work in your life?

Day 4…Read Philippians 4:5

  • Consider this – the Greek word Paul uses for “gentleness,” here literally means “gentle spirit” – and includes traits like being: mild, fair and equitable.
  • Consider this – the Greek word Paul uses for “near,” here specifically refers to Jesus’ return in the sense of TIME (i.e., when He will return the second and final time).
  • Answer this – how does Jesus’ promised return (sometime soon) give you a spirit of mild/equitable/fair gentleness?

Day 5…Read Philippians 4:6

  • Consider this – Paul’s call, here, is to avoid being troubled with cares.
  • However, when you DO find yourselves troubled (which you will) – by prayer and petition…WITH a spirit of THANKSGIVING…make your needs known to God.
  • Answer this – when you are anxious, how often do you turn to God in prayer?  Why or why don’t you do this?
  • Answer this – why is a spirit of thanksgiving so crucial to dealing with our troubles and cares?

Day 6…Read Philippians 4:7

  • Consider this – in this verse, the Greek word for “peace” carries the notion of a state of mind which is tranquil; one that, because it is assured of its salvation through Christ, it will not fear and will be content with whatever earthly lot in which it finds itself.
  • Consider this – the word Paul uses for “guard” carries the idea of that which thwarts hostile invasion (i.e., a military connotation).
  • Answer this – how have you experienced this kind of peace, which Paul describes?
  • Consider this – think about a time when you’ve experienced God’s peace – and it “transcends all understanding.”
  • Answer this – how is God’s “transcending all understanding”-kind of peace different from other kinds of peace you’ve experienced?

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