Poverty (GodSpeak Readings Oct 19-24)

Speaking the Truth in Love:  Poverty

For as long as there has been wealth, there has been poverty.  For as long as people have hoarded the things of this earth for themselves, there have been those with little to nothing.  We may always have the poor with us, but how do we handle the issue of poverty with truth and love?

Daily Prayer: Lord, you have given us the riches of grace through Jesus.  Teach us contentment that we may give to those who need, and receive from those who give.  Amen.

Monday, October 19
Read Leviticus 19:1-18Integrated into the commands for sacrifices and truth-telling, God commanded that people with fields leave the edges of the field unharvested for the poor and the alien.  Why would God make this so integral to the life of the people?  Is being generous just as important as not stealing or lying?  Is that reflected in our own lives?  How?

Tuesday, October 20
Read Ecclesiastes 5:8-20Solomon observed “wealth hoarded to the harm of its owner.”  Where have you seen people hoard possessions and money and end up harming themselves in the process?  What would happen if no person or business or country hoarded their wealth, but instead made sure to benefit others with it?

Wednesday, October 21
Read Luke 20:46-47, Luke 21:1-4Where do we see similar things happening today as Jesus described with the “teachers of the law?”  What kind of value does Jesus place on the different offerings?  When have you found yourself impressed by numbers instead of character?    

Thursday, October 22
Read Matthew 19:16-30The rich young man had obviously lived a charmed life.  What has his downfall?  What would you say if Jesus came to you and asked you to do the same thing?

Friday, October 23
Read John 12:1-8Judas was a scoundrel, but did he have a legitimate point about selling the perfume and giving the money to the poor?  How do Jesus’ words provide us with priorities in regard to Jesus and the issues of this life? 

Saturday, October 24
Read James 2What is the danger of showing favoritism?  How have you shown favoritism to someone because of their wealth or popularity?  When have you wished a fellow believer well who was in need and left without actually helping?

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