Psalm 1-2 (GodSpeak Readings Jul 13-18)

Psinging through Psummer
Psalm 1 & 2

Psalm 1 and 2 have often been referred to as the Law/Gospel psalms.  Look at how Psalm 1 shows what we are to do. Then see how Psalm 2 shows us Jesus, the one who fulfills that good for us. 

Daily Prayer: Lord, with evil all around us, it is easy to get discouraged.  Give us confidence that your way is good and your Son Jesus has come to give us that good.  Amen.

Monday, July 13
Read Psalm 1What is the basic message of this psalm?  What is it about a tree planted by a stream that compares to the one who avoids evil?  Give an example of a “wicked way” around you that ultimately perished.

Tuesday, July 14
Read Psalm 2What is the Lord’s response to the conspiring nations and kings?  Why do you think he responds this way?  Who is this one installed as “King on Zion?”  What does he do?

Wednesday, July 15
After reviewing Psalm 1Psalm 2, read Psalm 119:97-112What is the difference between doing the right thing begrudgingly, and delighting in God’s truth?  Give an example of when you did the right thing grumbling, and when you did the right thing in joy.

Thursday, July 16
After reviewing Psalm 1Psalm 2, read Revelation 22:1-5The Psalmist compares the one who does right to a tree near a stream.   How does the vision of eternity from Revelation also give that impression?  What does Revelation add to the picture?

Friday, July 17
After reviewing Psalm 1Psalm 2, read Acts 4How did Peter and John use this Psalm after their testimony before the Sanhedrin?   Are the powers still conspiring today?  How so?

Saturday, July 18
After reviewing Psalm 1Psalm 2, read Hebrews 1Who might the Psalmist be referring to from his day and age when he writes “You are my son.”  According to Hebrews who is God ultimately referring to?  What does it mean then to be called the children of God?”

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