Religions (GodSpeak Readings November 9-14)

Speaking the Truth in Love:  Religions

The melting pot of America has brought many people of many religions and even those without faith together in one place.  How do we speak the truth about our one and only God in the midst of a world that encourages the tolerance of all gods?

Daily Prayer: Lord, you are the creator, redeemer and purifier of our lives.  You are the only God.  Help us to live that truth while loving all those you created who do not know you.  Amen.

Monday, November 9
Read 2 Kings 17.  This chapter summarizes the story of Israel and Judah’s faithfulness to Yahweh and their turning to other gods.  What is the lure to other gods?  Why is it so detrimental to worship them?  What did worship of some of these gods require?

Tuesday, November 10
Read Isaiah 44:9-28.  Isaiah describes the creation of idols by man.  What is the irony of man creating a god?  How does Isaiah describe Yahweh as the true God?  Should we use the same description today in our discussions with people of other faiths? (See Acts 17 below)

Wednesday, November 11
Read 1 Kings 18The name Elijah means “Yahweh is God.”  How does Elijah live out the meaning of his name?  After setting up an impossible altar to burn, what is Elijah’s prayer?  Ultimately, what is the desire of Elijah toward the people there?  What is your prayer for people of other religions?

Thursday, November 12
Read Matthew 2Chances are, the Magi were not Jewish.  However, they followed a star anyway to the birthplace of Jesus to worship him there.  What message does that send us about the relationship between Jesus and people of other religions?

Friday, November 13
Read Acts 17:16-34How did Paul speak of the Athenian gods in front of the Athenian people?  Did Paul come right out with the fact that they were false?  What can we learn from Paul’s approach that we can use when interacting with people of other religions?

Saturday, November 14
Read Revelation 7:9-17John gets a view of heaven.  Who is there?  In order for people of every nation, tribe, people and language to be there, what must happen first?  How can you share Jesus with someone of a different religion?  Begin by praying for that person right now.

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