He is Love (Godspeak Readings March 21-26)

Who is this Jesus? – He is Love

Walk with Jesus through his last week before his death and resurrection. 

Daily Prayer: Thank you for loving us enough to die and rise for us. Amen.

Monday, March 21
Read Luke 20:19-47 How does Jesus demonstrate the kingdom of God through his answers to the questions of the religious leaders?

Tuesday, March 22
Read Luke 21How are all these terrifying things our “opportunity to bear witness” to Jesus?  What parallels do you see to today?

Wednesday, March 23
Read Luke 22:1-38If Jesus embodied God’s perfection on the earth, what is the significance of taking Jesus’ body and blood into our bodies?

Thursday, March 24
Read Luke 22:39-71Compare the character of Jesus to Peter.  How did they respond to the pressure?  Why did they react that way?  Who were they committed to?

Friday, March 25
Read Luke 23Jesus is a peacemaker.  Note all the places in this passage where he makes peace with friends, enemies and with us.  How does he do it?

Saturday, March 26
Read Luke 24:1-12.  The angels encouraged the women to remember the words of Jesus about resurrection.  What has he taught about our resurrection?  Remember!

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