School Tools – Pencil

Rev. Andrew Prin
September 8, 2019
“School Tools – Pencil”

GodSpeak for the Week of September 8

With a week (or two) of the new school year behind us, we continue with a short sermon series about “school tools”…school supplies, that is, and how they help us to illustrate and understand parts of God’s Word.

Day 1…Read Proverbs 3:1

  • Consider this – the Hebrew word that gets translated “forget” can also mean to “ignore” or “wither.”
  • Answer this – when and where have you allowed yourself to “ignore” God’s teachings and/or allow His Word to “wither” in your heart?  What was the effect/the outcome of this?

Day 2…Read Proverbs 3:2

  • Consider this – in this verse, we’re told that keeping God’s commands will: prolong life, bring “peace” and prosperity.
    • The Hebrew word for “peace” (“shalom”) is a rich word meaning a host of things, including: completeness, tranquility, friendship, peace from war and soundness (among others).
  • Answer this – why is it that following God’s Word/His commands results in these kinds of things?

Day 3…Read Proverbs 3:3a (i.e., the first half of the verse)

  • Consider this – here, we’re told to let “love” and “faithfulness” never leave us…to bind these traits around our necks (think of how some of us when we were kids used to keep a house key chained around our necks!)
    • Again, the Hebrew meaning is rich with these two words – the “love” that is spoken of specifically has to do with “kindly zeal,” while the “faithfulness” we’re called to keep close means things like: truth, firmness, sureness, reliability and stability.
  • Answer this – for the person who keeps these traits safely secured and close to their heart, how does that person act?

Day 4…Read Proverbs 3:3b (i.e., the second half of the verse)

  • Consider this – here we come to the heart of this passage this week!  The word “write” in Hebrew conveys the idea of: “engrave” or “inscribe”; while the word translated as “tablet” can refer to a board (made of wood) or a slab (made of stone).
    • We’ll also think of “tablets” as in paper!
  • Consider this – if you use a pencil to mark off a measurement on a piece of wood, or to write something on paper…and, if you make a mistake and erase the pencil… (go to “Answer this”)
  • Answer this…does what was written on the wood or paper REALLY go away?!
    • Perhaps the graphite goes away.  But, what is left in the wood or paper?
    • How does that help us to better understand what God is saying through Solomon, here?

Day 5…Read Proverbs 3:4-5

  • Consider this – in v. 5, we’re told to “trust” in the Lord with all our hearts.  In this instance, “trust” implies being “bold” and “secure” in terms of our hearts’ disposition towards the Lord.
  • Answer this – is it easy for you to REALLY do this?  Why or why not?  What will increasingly doing this do for you?

Day 6…Read Proverbs 3:1-8

  • Answer this – having considered the nuances of a number of Hebrew words in these verses, which word(s) remain most “inscribed” on your heart?  What lessons from this week and these verses will remain “engraved” on your heart?

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