Sexuality (GodSpeak Readings Sept 28-Oct 3)

Speaking the Truth in Love:  Sexuality

God made us male and female and gave us guidance on what to do about that. When we don’t, things don’t work the way God intended.  We’re all broken. We all need love AND truth.  It needs to start somewhere.  How about you?   

Daily Prayer: God, give us the knowledge of your truth about sexuality, the courage to repent, be forgiven and live that truth, and a persistent love for those who don’t. 

Monday, September 28
Read Genesis 2Genesis 3God’s design for “one flesh” relationships is clear.  One man and one woman who are to be fruitful and multiply.  How does it benefit a man to have a woman?  How does it benefit a woman to have a man?  How did sin corrupt that relationship of mutual love and dependence?

Tuesday, September 29
Read Song of Solomon 4.  Adam and Eve were naked and felt no shame because they delighted in each other rather than feeling self-conscious.  What was Solomon focused on?  (Note: “sister” was a term of endearment, not a relative)  Is Solomon self-conscious here?  How about his bride?  What kind of love is at the center of this marriage?  (see 2:16, 6:3, 7:10)

Wednesday, September 30
Read Leviticus 18The people of Egypt and Canaan did many things that were not intended by God when he created the earth, and were therefore bad for them and others.  God wanted his people to avoid those things for their own good.  What harm is done to self or others when these things happen?  Go through the list and ask the question of each one.

Thursday, October 1
Read Matthew 19:1-12.
This is a very important teaching for our day.  What standard does Jesus use for marriage and divorce?  Do any of us live up to the standard of God’s original paradise?  Jesus uses the word “eunuch” both literally (castrated male) and figuratively (for the kingdom) as “someone who remains celibate.” What if “eunuch by birth” meant homosexual?

Friday, October 2
Read Romans 1:18-32What does Paul have to say about sexuality?  Are these sins any worse than other sins?  Read Romans 2:1-5.  If all sin is equal and we are also guilty, how does that change how we treat those whose sin is sexual?  Read Romans 3:21-24.  How does this passage help us to love others into the truth?

Saturday, October 3
Read John 8:1-11.  This woman was caught in the act of adultery.  Jesus knew the truth.  What would she have thought if Jesus would have condemned her on the spot?  What would she have though if Jesus would have saved her and never mentioned her sin?  How can this be a model for us when speaking the truth in love about sexuality?

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