A Tale of Two Beasts (GodSpeak Readings April 25-30)

Scenes from Revelation – A Tale of Two Beasts

Daily Devotional/Group Discussion Questions

The dragon (devil) could not destroy the woman (church), so he went after the individuals by releasing two powerful forces on the earth, political power, and false religion.
Daily Prayer: Lord, keep us true to you by loving all who are around us, even those who wish to deceive us.  Amen.

Monday, April 25
Read Revelation 13:1-10What a gruesome beast!  Take each symbol describing the beast and try to draw associations.  What might this beast be representing?  How should we react to this beast?

Tuesday, April 26
Read Daniel 7The beast of Rev. 13 greatly resembles the 4th beast from Dan. 7.  What is the purpose of this beast?  What happens to this beast?

Wednesday, April 27
Read Matthew 4:1-11What might the third temptation of Jesus reveal about the identity and purpose of the beast from the sea?  How do we resist the temptation of power?

Thursday, April 28
Read Revelation 13:11-18.  This beast comes from the land, from the midst of the people.  What is the goal of this beast?  How does the beast accomplish his goal?

Friday, April 29
Read Matthew 7:15-27.  Jesus describes the essence of the beast from the land in this passage.  How can we recognize when religion is false?  What keeps us from drifting away from the truth?

Saturday, April 30
Read John 19:1-16This “religious beast” leads people to worship the “political beast.”  How did that happen in this passage?  What was Jesus’ response to this happening to him?  How should we react?

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