The Epiphany of Our Lord

Rev. Andrew Prin
January 5, 2020
“The Epiphany of Our Lord”

GodSpeak for the Week of January 5

We begin the New Year by bringing the Wise Men into the nativity story.

Day 1…Read Matthew 2:1

  • Consider this – as we’ve discussed often, biblical names can often provide a great deal of insight and richness to what God is offering us in His Word.
    • Note, therefore – the Hebrew word “Bethlehem” means “house of bread”;
    • …while the word “Jerusalem” means “set you double peace”.
  • Answer this – by just understanding the meaning of these two words, what does this tell us about the settings into which Jesus was born, the Wise Men visited and Herod “led” God’s people?

Day 2…Read Matthew 2:2

  • Consider this – notice the veritable faux pas the Wise Men commit in their announcement to Herod!
  • Answer this – why might what the Wise Men declared be offensive to Herod? 

Day 3…Read Matthew 2:3

  • Consider this – the word translated “disturbed” in its original Greek means to “strike one’s spirit with fear or dread”; the idea is that Herod has internal commotion/a disturbance in his mind.
  • Answer this – what does this tell you about Herod’s character relative to who he “works for”?
    • Wouldn’t you think that as God’s king, Herod might have been familiar with the Old Testament prophecies about the Savior?!

Day 4…Read Matthew 2:5-6

  • Consider this – the passage Herod’s leaders cite comes from Micah 5:2,4
    • The word translated “shepherd” in this passage – means to rule, but to do so by feeding/tending like that of a flock.
  • Answer this – how do you think this would have struck Herod at the time?  How did Herod lead God’s people (i.e., via what means and practices)?

Day 5…Read Matthew 2:7

  • Answer this – what do you make of Herod’s question to the Wise Men?  Why would it matter how long the star had been in the sky/when Jesus had been born?
  • Answer this – sadly, tragically what does Herod ultimately use this information to do? (cf. Matthew 2:16)

Day 6…Read Matthew 2:11

  • Consider this – the word translated “worshipped” refers to a practice among leaders in that part of the world to touch the ground with their foreheads as a sign of solemn reverence.
  • Read this – Philippians 2:9-11
  • Answer this – what do Paul’s words tell us and inspire from us in consideration of the birth of Jesus, the respect of the Wise Men and the tragic, evil efforts of Herod?  What is The Truth, here?

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