The Trials of a King

January 8, 2017
Rev. Dennis Drews
Scripture: Isaiah 42:1-9, Romans 6:1-11, Matthew 3:13-17

Read The Story, Chapter 12

or if you don’t have a Story book, read 2 Samuel 11-12, 18-19; 1 Chronicles 22, 29; Psalms 23, 32, 51

Questions to think through and pray through with your small group and family
Taken from the back of The Story book “Discussion Questions”

  1. What were some factors that led to David’s sin with Bathsheba?
  2. Both Saul and David sinned against God, yet how did their responses differ? What was the result of their responses?
  3. How did David’s sins affect the future of his family?
  4. David was allowed to plan the temple, but God told him that his son would be the one to actually build it. How do you think David felt about that? How did  David respond?
  5. Do you, like David, give God credit and praise for your successes and accomplishments?


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