Untangling the Mess (GodSpeak Readings Nov 30-Dec 5)

Christmas Lights:  Untangling the Mess

Nobody puts up Christmas lights that are all tangled in a mess.  It looks terrible.  In the same way, we need to take a good look at our lives and untangle the mess of sin in our lives so that the light of Christ may shine the way it should through us.

Daily Prayer: Lord, thank you for coming to save me.  I confess those parts of my life that do not shine with your love.  Forgive me and lead me to turn more confidently into your light.  Amen.

Monday, November 30
Read 2 Kings 23Last week we read from 2 Kings 22 how Josiah rediscovered the law from within the temple.  Here we see him untangling the people from the mess they had made.  Why was it so important for Josiah to destroy the worship of the other gods?

Tuesday, December 1
Read Hebrews 12:1-11Why is it important to throw off the sin that entangles us?  What happens if we don’t?  How is it even possible to untangle this mess of sin?

Wednesday, December 2
Read Luke 6:37-42Is it good to want to take the speck of sawdust out of someone’s eye?  What must we do first?  Why is it important to deal with your own sin before approaching someone else’s?

Thursday, December 3
Read 1 Corinthians 3Paul encouraged the Corinthian church to sort some things out.  What were some of the issues facing that church?  What are some of the issues facing your church that need to be untangled so you can shine brighter?  Pray about those things today.

Friday, December 4
Read Revelation 2Revelation 3. Jesus writes seven letters to seven churches.  What is the purpose of these letters?  Why is it so important for them to “overcome” and untangle themselves from the sins they face?  What do they receive when they “overcome?”

Saturday, December 5
Read 1 Timothy 2:14-26Paul encourages Timothy to equip his people to turn from the ways of the world and live a godly life.  What is the advantage of turning toward the good?  What needs to be untangled out of your life?      

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